Frequently Asked Questions

ZLINE General Questions

ZLINE is an American based, family owned business head-quartered in Lake Tahoe, by Founder Andrew Zuro and his team. ZLINE’s office team, customer service and warehouses are all stationed in Nevada, Tennessee and Ohio. We receive our product from an array of places around the world and we assemble all of our products and ship from the continental USA. Our main imports and parts are manufactured in ZLINE owned facilities and sourced from the USA, Italy, and multiple countries in Asia, including China. Our Autograph Edition Series is unique in its assembly as the base of the Autograph Edition products are fully assembled in ZLINE owned facilities in China, but the Autograph Edition accents are assembled in the US. This assembly includes installing the accented knobs and handles!

Timeframe: 2-10 Business Days (Ships Next Business Day)

Delivery Type: Curbside Delivery

  • We understand the importance of making sure your order arrives fast & safely. We work with our shipping partners to ensure that all orders are shipped in a timely and efficient manner. To ensure we are meeting the highest standards, we work with these carriers to ship directly from our warehouses located in the US. This allows us the most flexibility to deliver your items, so you can start building your dream home faster.
  • Shipping Included on all orders to the contiguous U.S.

ZLINE products are shipped from our facilities in Nevada, Tennessee, and Ohio. Your product should ship from the nearest location, dependent on availability.

Visit our Return Policy Page for more information.

If your ZLINE product arrived damaged, please contact us us on our Contact us page for further assistance in the return or exchange.

Customers who are still under warranty are asked to go through the Contact us page. From there, a ZLINE representative will reach out to the customer to assist further.

ZLINE stands by the longevity and durability of their products, while ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind with worry-free product manufacturer warranties. For more information regarding our manufacturer warranties by clicking here.

If you are under the ZLINE service warranty, please contact us through our Warranty Claim form. to request service.

If your warranty has expired, the ZLINE Customer Service Team will still be able to assist you with support. This will include assessing the issue and assisting with ordering the needed parts.

Note: Once your warranty has expired, ZLINE will no longer cover service, labor, or parts for your product.

Range Hoods

• Main Hood with lights and button panel pre-installed
• Adjustable Chimney
• Transition Piece for Ducting
• Ducting
• Baffle Filters
• Chimney Mounting Bracket
• Grease Cup
• Hardware pack

The film around your range hood is a plastic layer that is designed to protect your range hood during shipment. This is removed by simply peeling it off of the range hood.

The film around your baffle filters is a plastic layer that is designed to protect your range hood during shipment. This is removed by simply peeling it off of the baffle filter.

The baffle filters are easily installed by placing them in the under-side of the range hood and into the baffle channel. Follow the video below on how to install your range hood's baffle channel and baffle filters.

The grease cup is easily installed by sliding it into the grooves that are under your range hood's motor.

No problem! Just Contact Us and our team will be happy to send you any replacement parts that you may need (if covered under 3 year warranty).

Please fill out the contact form, as our Customer Service Department is happy to assist with any range hood troubleshooting or replacement part inquiries.

Replacing your LED light bulbs is a simply plug and play task. Follow the video below for instructions on this parts replacement process.

Yes, a flexible plastic ducting piece is included with each range hood that will stretch out to about 5 ft long. Any additional ducting that is needed for your installation will have to be purchased from a local hardware store.

Yes, the ducting can be replaced with a ridged metal ducting that is purchased from a local hardware store.

For sloped or slanted ceilings, we recommend for customers to have the chimney piece custom cut at an angle, or there is the option of building a soffit down from the ceiling in order to mount the range hood on a flat surface.

Wall Ovens

ZLINE Wall Ovens do have a Sabbath Mode feature. Sabbath mode is a feature used for certain religious holidays. When activated Sabbath mode will stay on for a pre-determined amount of time. The ZLINE wall oven can run up to 72 hours on Sabbath Mode.
Both the single wall oven and double wall oven have convection. The double wall oven will only have convection in the top oven.
Yes, ZLINE Wall Ovens have Self-Clean technology for an incredibly fast and easy clean up, as well as Delay cleaning feature to ensure the oven begins self-cleaning on your schedule.


The ZLINE Over the Range Microwaves and Built-in Microwave feature convection cooking.
The ZLINE Over the Range Microwave and Built-in Microwave feature sensor cooking. Sensor cooking allows you to cook many of your favorite foods without selecting cooking times and power levels. The microwave oven automatically determines the required cooking time for each food item by measuring the vapor that emits from the food when heating.
This advanced microwave feature allows you to set up your microwave operations with food that calls for different power levels during a cook cycle. The ZLINE Over the Range Microwave features two stage-cooking with operations while the ZLINE Built-in Microwave Oven features multi-stage cooking.